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Welcome to MDOS Documentation.

Documentation for Framework: here

Here you can learn the basics about MDOS v2.0


1. Installation

Download the ZIP file or the EXE file from the releases tab.

Extract the ZIP file (if you have one).

Run the MDOS application.

Now a console window will open with text in it.

The text will be the welcome message.

Now click any key while the console window is an active window.

Now you will go to Color choice menu. We reccomend you to type 0 and press enter, then type F then enter.

Now type your name and press enter. Now type the PC's name. If you don't know what to call your pc, type your name again.

Now you can set the password.

If you don't want a password, leave it blank and press enter.

Now you have installed MDOS.


2. Basic Commands

You can use all the Command Prompt Commands or all the MS-DOS command.

We have added some commands to the console. They are:

 - "changepassword" it changes your password

 - "logout" it logs you out if you have a password

 - "quit" similar MS-DOS "exit"

 - "regf" it edits the registry if you have your antivirus disabled


3. Antivirus

Currently there are 2 types of known viruses than the built-in antivirus can protect you from.

They are mx.Registry.* and mx.Autoexec.*

They get automatically blocked.


4. Files

There are 3 paths in the filesystem of MDOS, they are:

\MDOS\ - All the files and commands

\reg\ - Registry files

\Antivirus\ - Antivirus files


5. Registry

There are 2 registry files.

They are reg.mreg and login.mreg

All the information needed for the OS to run and the apps to run are stored in reg.mreg

The login information is stored into login.mreg

To edit reg.mreg.bat use the command regf with disabled antivirus.

To edit login.mreg.bat type in the console: edit "%RegPath%\login.mreg.bat"

All the variables in reg.mreg are:

OSVerson - the operating system version number

OSName - the operating system name

OSPath - the operating system files path

OSBuild - the build number of the operating system

OSType - the processor architecture of the pc

OSHandler - the MDOS.bat full file name

ConsoleCollor - the console color

RegisteredTo - registered to user

TimeRegistered - the time when the os is installed

ComputerName - the computer's name

WMsg1 - welcome message

AllowAutoexec - allow autoexec (automatically disabed by antivirus if enabled)

AllowStartMessage - show the start message

RenewReg - do you want to renew registry

RenewLogin - do you want to renew the login info

AllowChangePassword - do you want to allow to change the password

AllowRunBatch - do you allow to run batch files

AllowAntivirus - do you want to enable the antivirus

AntivirusDebug - do you want to show more output about the antivirus


6. Autoexec

The autoexec have been disabled by default and by the antivirus.

To enable autoexec you need to edit the registry (set AllowAntivirus=false) and (set AllowAutoexec=true)

To edit autoexec startup script type in the console:

edit "%OSPath%\autoexec.bat"


7. Final

Congratulations you know how to use MDOS.

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